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Unten auf der Seite finden sich Festivaltermine für Berlin.

Konzerttermine für Berlin

22.02. Despised Icon, Malevolence, Archspire, Volvodynia @SO36

22.02. Isvind, Adalwolf, Frantic Aggressor @Blackland

23.02. Exa, Last Bits of Sanity, Exit @Slaughterhouse

23.02. High Fighter, Ekranoplan, Praise the Plague @Cortina Bob

23.02. Mytherine, Death Infusion, Antyra, Boba Cat @Blackland

24.02. Lares, Agonized, Bartok @Scherer8

24.02. Declamatory, Oakheart, Exit, Fragments @Eastend

24.02. Attacktion @Zosch

27.02. Sikth @Musik und Frieden

28.02. Korpiklaani, Arkona, Heidevolk, Trollfest @Columbia Theater

02.03. AvatariA, Nana:Shi, Through Distant Eyes @Linse

02.03. Seconddeath, Apodikt, Morbus Dominus @Blackland

02.03. Spell, Svartanatt @Zukunft

03.03. Sabiendas, Yardfield Colony @Blackland

03.03. Profane Sanctum, Exa, Dawn of the Unleashed, Apart from Routine @Linse

03.03. Nile, Terrorizer, Exarsis, Veins @Columbia Theater

06.03. Goatwhore, Sepultura, Obscura, Fit for an Autopsy @Columbia Theater

07.03. Orphaned Land, Lunarsea, Subterranean Masquerade, Aevum @Bi Nuu

08.03. Urn, Sodomizer, Necromorbid @Blackland

09.03. Profanatica, Rites of Thy Degringolade, Auroch @tba

12.03. Traitors, Lotus Eater, Once We Killed @Maze

13.03. Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown, Disentomb @Musik und Frieden

15.03. Goshawk, Beehoover @Zukunft

16.03. Stonebride, Beesus @Jägerklause

16.03. Dool, Harakiri for the Sky @Roadrunners

17.03. Abrogation, Extinct, Dissecdead @Blackland

18.03. Internal Bleeding, Fleshgore, Sacrificial Slaughter, Voices of Ruin, In Demise @Nuke

18.03. Anvil, Trance @Musik und Frieden

19.03. Cannabis Corpse @Cassiopeia

23.03. First Aid, Spreading Miasma, Lunatic Man's Dream, Syntension @Linse

23.03. Trivium, Power Trip, Venom Prison @Huxley's

23.03. Inferno, IXXI, The Stone, Sargor @Blackland

24.03. Loipe, Voltron, Black Sadhu, Tears of Fire, Sonic Prayer @ORWOhaus

24.03. Obituary @Musik und Frieden

24.03. Dornenreich @theARTer Galerie

27.03. Black Wizard, Anciients @Jägerklause

28.03. Black Label Society @Huxley's

29.03. Slow Crush, Sons of a Wanted Man @Jägerklause

30.03. Primordial @Cassiopeia

30.03. Narbeleth, Bluteck, Iron Kindl Pest, Sargeras @Blackland

30.03. Heaven Shall Burn, August Burns Red, Whitechapel, In Hearts Wake @Huxley's

30.03. Therion, Imperial Age, Null Positiv, Acyl @Bi Nuu

31.03. Grabak, Ad-hoC, Antimensch, Rebel Souls @Blackland

03.04. Pokerface, Beneath Sins, My Own Ghost, Feelament @Blackland

03.04. All We Expected, Mantis, Daerrwin @Jägerklause

04.04. Made in Iron @Blackland

05.04. Grimner, Vanaheim, Riders of Decades @Blackland

06.04. Napalm Death, Bloodbeat, Übergang @SO36

06.04. Kilminister @Blackland

07.04. Carpe Noctem @TheARTergalerie

07.04. Helden schwarzer Tage, Neurotox, Der Sonne zu nah @Blackland

07.04. Gutalax, Guineapig, Human Prey @Musik und Frieden

08.04. Siberian Meat Grinder @Cassiopeia

09.04. Bell Witch, Monarch!, Aerial Ruin @Urban Spree

13.04. Reactory, Tumourboy, Antares @KvU

14.04. Lihhamon, Mournful Winter, Archaic Thorn, Frantic Aggressor @Klinke

19.04. Zuriaake, Drauggard, Hoax Bane @Blackland

20.04. J.B.O. @Columbia Theater

26.04. Die Krupps @Kulturbrauerei

28.04. Pestnebel, Pest Legion, Pest Empire @Blackland

29.04. Crowbar, Converge, Thou, Grave Pleasures @SO36

29.04. Machine Head @Columbiahalle

03.05. Leave's Eyes, MaYan, Almanac @Frannz

05.05. Sasquatch, Distance Remains, Everyday Insanity @Slaughterhouse

10.05. One Master, Blood Chalice @Blackland

11.05. Unblessed, EvilSpell, Artes Orbis @Blackland

12.05. Sperm of Mankind, Astarot, UxLxCxM, Anal Floss is Boss, Cerebral Enema @KvU

17.05. Night, Demon Head @Urban Spree

18.05. Night Laser, Liquid Fire, Endless Green @Blackland

20.05. Crematory @Bi Nuu

23.05. Toundra @Bi Nuu

25.05. Thunder and Lightning, Liquid Fire, Endless Green @Blackland

26.05. Firtan, Ellende @Blackland

02.06. Deathrite, Ancst, Dawn Ray'd, Hæresis, Las Casas Viejas, Praise the Plague @Eastend

07.06. Wiegedood @Cassiopeia

07.06. Purple Hill @Urban Spree

09.06. Necros Christos, Venenum @Bi Nuu

12.06. Exodus @Lido

13.06. Iron Maiden @Waldbühne

30.06. Runenwacht, Schattenfang, Rohavart @Blackland

25.08. Need2Destroy, Nihilation, Totenwache @Blackland

21.09. Tranquilizer, Blackest Dawn, Succubus @Blackland

29.09. Irae, Chotzä, Pechstein, Seelenwinter @Blackland

02.10. Noctem, Wolf's Hunger, Fimbulwinta, Isgalder, Panychida @Blackland

18.10. Kadaverficker, Meatknife @Blackland

20.10. Kinnara, Deadfreight of Soul, Everlasting Carnage, Goats Rising @Blackland

31.10. Powerwolf, Amaranthe, Kissin' Dynamite @Huxley's

09.11. Ivory Tower, Sober Truth @Blackland

09.11. Saltatio Mortis @Huxley's

08.12. Kâhld, Groll, Path of Destiny, Arkona (PL), Iron Kindl Pest @Blackland

08.12. Within Temptation @Columbiahalle

15.12. Hammercult, Daily Insanity, Yardfield Colony @Blackland

03.04. Manowar @Velodrom

Festivals in Berlin

Vendetta Fest
06.04.2018 - 07.04.2018
Antlers, Ultha, Afsky, The Ruins of Beverast, Wode, Alda, Tongue, Loth, Essenz, Morast, Verheerer

Out of Line Weekender 2018
03.05.2018 - 05.05.2018
Agonoize, Icon of Coil, Solar Flake, Massive Ego, Accessory, The Sexorcist, Too Dead to Die, Suicide Commando, Dive, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Panzer AG, Underviewer, Lizard Pool, Telemark, Combichist, Ost+Front, Rabia Sorda, Bloodred Hourglass, Infected Rain, Groovenom, Tragedy of Mine

04.05.2018 - 06.05.2018
Monster Magnet, Nebula, EyeHateGod, Jex Thoth, Planet of Zeus, The Necromancers, Death Alley, Dopelord, Yuri Gagarin, Graveyard (SE), Elder, Church of Misery (JP), The Black Wizards, MaidaVale, Vonavibe

Suck My Chainsaw, Kora Winter, The Artificial, Storyteller

Pelagic Fest
18.05.2018 - 20.05.2018
Caspian, pg.lost, Ef, Rosetta, Bison, Arms and Sleepers, Abraham, Hypno5e, Llnn, Radare, Briqueville, Earth Ship, Twinesuns, Shrivel​

Wolf City Fest
24.05.2018 - 25.05.2018
Urban Spree/Cassiopeia
Pagan Altar, Hällas, Malokarpatan, Schafott, Kringa, Hellbringer

Green Valley Rock
20.07.2018 - 21.07.2018
S.H.O.T., The Red Box, Sudden Decay, Sunday Mayhem, Everyday Insanity, Kombo Lombo, Way2Far, Other Animals, Fireplane, PheraX, Baron Anastis & The Erinyes, All the Suns, Hej Su

Morbid Catacombs
31.08.2018 - 01.09.2018
Ultra Silvam, Vacivus, Venefixion, Taphos, Rippikoulu

Rock for Roots
31.08.2018 - 01.09.2018
Freilichtbühne Nauen
Asphyx, Blood God, Minas Morgul, Craving, Xicution, Iron Blade, Dark Fortress, Nothgard, Eis, Crimson Moon, Profanity, Krater, Hammercult, Ferndal, Daily Insanity

De Mortem et Diabolum
14.12.2018 - 15.12.2018
Columbia Theater
Endezzma, Streams of Blood, Ophis

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